Students' feedback

Mae Soni, Switzerland         

Thank youTheodore for your guidance, patience, encouragement and and above all, for sharing with us your expertise on our 2 weeks initial journey to the world of Byzantine Iconography.  You opened our eyes to understand more of the sacred art of Iconography. We are at awe how you teach and work with deep passion. I am grateful to have you as our teacher. Moreover, many many thanks for your hospitality, assistance and for the kindness of your family. I wish you more success and see you in one of your future courses. 


Valerio Fantin,  Italy

The workshop with Theodore was absolutely satisfying. I was a beginner but with the help of Theodore, his explications, the rules and the method he taught us, I was able to paint and finish the icon of “The Mother of God”.
I really loved his way to teach: he was always very direct and I think it is the best way to understand the mistakes and to improve your painting-skills. I've learned a lot. Perfect!


Marina Sisson,  Brazil

Thank you Theodore for showing me a new way of seeing icons: paying attention to every minimum detail, since wholeness is made of details.
With firm and gentle hand, Theodore guided us into this sacred world. This workshop will change my  iconographic work. God bless you.


Jozie Maranhão,  Brazil

 The seminar exceeded my expectations. I was very touched by the responsible and kind way that Theodore guided me into the learning of how to paint. This attitude arised on me the wish of continuing on iconography, because his teachings made me understand the importance of seeing each right color, each right line, to compose the icon.


Nicole Sample, Canada

Studying iconography in Greece has been an exceptional experience. Theodore is a knowledgeable teacher who provides his students with the tools and confidence they need to complete a traditional Byzantine icon both in class, and at home. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for an authentic Greek experience and who truly wants to grow in their ability to write an icon.


Marianna Savaryn, Canada

During the workshop held in Larissa, Theodore shared his vast knowledge of the treasured techniques of water gilding as well as practical exercises for the garments and ending with the writing of an icon of the Theotokos. I enjoyed learning many details of this discipline in particular using transfer gold with the water gilding. Thank you for inspiring me to continue sharing the joy of bringing light into the world made one brush stroke at a time through this icon which I consider to be a sacred prayer. I bow to the mystery.  I bow to the God in you.  Praise be to the God in you!


Veronica Royal, USA

Theodore Papadopoulos is an excellent, patient teacher with professional level iconographic skills.  He       has been painting at a high level for many years, using his fine craftsmanship to adorn and beautify churches in Greece.

 Theodore has developed a curriculum in his workshops that elevates not only the skills of a beginner but those in his master/advanced classes.  For those interested in beginning a journey in the beautiful art of iconography or to those needing advanced knowledge, I highly recommend Theodore's workshops.
I consider myself blessed to have been a student at his Byzantine School of Iconography.


Tania Hutchison, Brazil

I was indeed expecting that the course would be good. But it overcame at the mostly expectations. I came looking for answers and I have them all answered. I do thank you Theodoros for being so patient with me. I also thank you for having shared your knowledge that as I observed is very vast. Didactics that have been perfect. Being accepted for participating at your course was a very big honor. I wait you to come to Brazil for other people as well to become able to realise their dream.

Thank you.


Athena Orfanidou, Greece

By Theodore, my dream to go further on iconography became a reality. God bless him for what he's been doing, and he gives it so generously. I thank him.




Tasos Kleisas, Greece

Theodoros's lessons are of unique character for they combine vast knowledge as to methodologies and a very didactic way of how to have them transmitted insitu have enriched my personal perception of the iconography, and gave me all the means to go forward into my exploration of reaching unknown boarders that mingle my passion for art and my urge to come closer with divine. I am very pleased and honored that I had the oportunity to be one your students. Thanks a lot Theodore, and may God bless you helping you in keeping up splendid work.


Dimitra Tsesmetzi, Greece

I feel lucky to have met you, because I learned even more very usefull things. The courses were immaculate.  You tought us things that no one did before. I personally thank you very much for your patience, and everything I learned from you.




Sr. Teresa Cruz, Philippines     

My journey in theiconography course which started as a curiosity about the meaning of the iconsled to a deeper appreciation of the sacred art and its subjects. Thank you Theodore for your patience, understanding and guidance in my initial ventureinto the world of iconography and for sharing your expertise and creativity.You have opened my eyes to see the beauty of each line and shadow that wewrite. I am delighted to bring home my personal icon of Our Lady, the Mother ofGod which was made possible with your kind and constant assistance. My stay inLarissa has indeed been a very enriching spiritual experience. My gratitudealso goes  to your family for the hospitality and generosity. God bless.

Helen Tsesmetzi, Greece

Thank you so much, for taught me the art of iconography and especially for your calm nature, because you gave me the strength to continue my efforts in this pious art.




Teresa Foley, USA

Your summer class provided me the opportunity to gain an understanding of the technique of Byzantine   iconography.  Your patient instruction left me in awe as to what I was able to achieve as a beginning student.  Your focus on lines, color, and blending enabled me to create practice panels with movement and energy that will provide guidance for the divine inspiration that comes from the art of iconography.  With your guidance and encouraging explanations, my confidence increased and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to spend time with you.


Macarena Rioseco, Chile

Taking classes with Theodoros was a very nice experience. He is a great teacher and I have learned what I was needing. I am impressed of Theodoros mastery in handling the materials and techniques and he was very generous in his teaching.

M. Rioseco's portfolio


Nikoleta Melisinou, Greece
I thank Mr Papadopoulos, because the lessons were a real revelation for me and a real divine gift.



Wanderley da Silva e Silva, Brazil

It has been a huge privilege participating in this course for it was important that its content was accessible, objective and vast. The practical exercises and and the Byzantine tradition of iconography were taught in a gradual and safe way. I do consider as the most positive point of this course that it was applied and explanatory. Finally, I also believe that it suggests in the  capacity and the development continuity of its students.


Hanne, Birgitte, Marit  Lisbett, Ragnhild, Laila, students from Norway and Denmark

Dear Theodore,
We all thank you so much from our hearts for the wonderful course in icon painting.
We are very grateful and we feel honoured, that you shared you knowledge with us and showed us the techniques of painting icons.
Love from all of us
Hanne, Birgitte, Marit  Lisbett, Ragnhild, Laila.


Ayman Fayez Attia, Egypt

I’d like to express my gratitude for the effort made in teaching us the art of the Byzantine icon. You didn't teach me the techniques only, but your dedication at work. You are really the best teacher and ambassador for the Sacred Art. Greetings and appreciation from a student whom you taught art and humanity.


Kiriaki Iliaki, Greece

Unimaginably amazing to me the experience and knowledge so frankly you shared with us all.
I hope for a next meeting and continuity in this brilliant work of soul.



Fotios Kiriazidis, Germany

I would like to thank you for your friendly, cute and adorable hospitality. As a new hagiographer in the art of Byzantine iconography, I came without great expectations. But I was wrong! You helped me to go much more than I expected .These lessons with you helped me to understand the fundamentals of Byzantine iconography. Thank you and wish you all the best.


Nasos Kalogeropoulos, Greece

I'm very happy and pleased with the lessons I  have attended in Theodore's workshop. I am a novice icon painter but by these lessons, I started to realise what the icon painting is. Thank you Theodore. It's like you gave me a special magnifying glass and now I can see icons with a totally new perspective. The class was very nice, the students were very interesting and nice persons.
A very relaxing environment with a friendly atmosphere. I wish the best for you and your beautiful family.

Barbara Morganti, Italy

My iconpainting lessons with Theodore have been very fruitful. He has showed me his own technique, different from the one I have been using so far and given memany useful tips which I am sure will contribute to improving my future iconworks. Besides being a very good iconographer, Theodore is also a very nice andpleasant person.


Marit, Lisbeth and Ragnhild, students from Norway

In february 2013 we went from Norway to Denmark to a course in painting icons. The teacher was Theodoros Papadopoulos from Larissa, Greece.
We have been painting icons for some years, and we really looked forward to learn something new.
We have always used egg-tempera, and now we learned to paint with glue and water. We also learned to use agate-stone on the gold to make it shine like "a mirror"
We paint Christ Pantocrator, on a big woodblock of lind. Theodoros was very patient with us students and he helped us to get good results. We are very satisfied that we could get the opportunity to be students at the course, and learned more about this special art.

Violeta Meleti, Greece

I am taking Hagiography long enough, and when I wanted to take additional courses, I felt through my teacher Theodoros Papadopoulos, the true nature of the art of iconography.
With patience and perseverance, true criticism, correct identification of weaknesses, I could raise the essence of art, and with the skills to practice with confidence in my self now when I would do my first steps on my own, without his own review and guidance.


father Efrem Habtout, Lebanon

First Ι would say that my courses with you was very useful and impressing. I am glad that Ι chose you as a teacher because of your technique and your blessed work that helped me too much to devlop my work olso the most amazing that you have a smooth style in teaching may God bless you.
Also i would like to inform you that i am trying to prepare for the courseshere in lebanon wich you will be the teacher with some students that they might haveknowlege about painting so they become expert in iconography .
Now i would like to say hello again wishing that you are doing well and your family . Soon i will send for you my new work so you can give me your observation I would say thank you beause you asked for my impressions about you dear Theodore.
with my best regards.


Symela Papaevaggelou, Greece

For a student who wants to learn icon painting, the teacher should be aware and respectful of religious traditions. I would like to thank Mr. Papadopoulos who helps new iconographers be approached with seriousness  the sacred art of iconography and by continuous training to create remarkable works.


Hanne Andersen, Denmark

Theodoros is a very competent and patient teacher. I learned a lot of new techniques at the course in icon painting in Denmark and I now have the courage to paint icons on my own at home.


Rania Bountouri, Greece

It was a great experience to work with you. You revealed to me a totally new perspective to approach painting.

After years of my own effort, finally needed to little time with you to accomplish the best result Ι could imagine. I hope to have the chance again to study with you.Thank you from the depths of my heart.


Finn Gunther, Denmark

I enjoyed the course in Tisvilleleje very much, and I got a lot of inspiration from you.  You are a very patient teacher and very highly qualified. I would love to join again one of your courses sometime if possible.




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